Monday, April 30, 2012


These are some good friends of ours who got married on Saturday, 21 April 2012.  They have been partners for a couple years, have a little boy Thomas, and are expecting a baby girl in May.  It is not uncommon for couples here to become partners for long periods before they decide (if ever) to get married, but it was a happy day for these two young people and their families.
This is the backyard setting for the wedding in Bridge Pa, home of the Tuimaseve family.

President & Sister Tuimaseve - he is the President of the Waipukurau Branch and a member of the Hastings High Council; Sister Tuimaseve is the RS President in Waipukurau and one of the counselors in the Hastings Stake RS Presidency.  They are incredible people!  Larissa and Wiremu live with them, along with their little boy Thomas. 
This is Wiremu, the handsome groom.
This is the happy couple as they welcomed us to the Korongata Marae for the reception and hangi.

Only ONE of the tables holding the incredible feast.
And this is little Tai Nui, one of the guests who "adopted" me as his nanny (grandma), and I loved it!!!

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