Friday, June 29, 2012


If you received an email from us telling about our MSN/Hotmail email account being hacked and giving you our new email address, you can ignore this entry.  However, if you did not get an email telling you about the new email account that we have set up, that means we no longer have your email address.  We lost most of our addresses, along with all your emails that we were still hoping to answer, and it's not looking promising to ever be able to get to that account again.  So, if you'd like to stay in touch with us (and us with you), please email your current email address to us at our new email:

We're sorry if any of your email sites were hacked because of us, but that's one of those things we didn't know was happening until it was too late.  Computers can be wonderful, but they can also fray the nerves.

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