Thursday, September 27, 2012


Okay, those of you who know us well, know we love to eat out, so we probably ought to share a few enjoyable places we've found here in the Hawkes Bay area.
 Pipi's - pizza restaurant in Havelock North - you can't miss it!
 Interior of Pipi's - isn't it fun!?  We were there early; later on the place is packed.
Dining on our winter vegetable pizza with walnuts, carmelized onions, etc., just delicious!
Hog's Breath Cafe - this cafe is in Napier, so we usually go there when we are in Napier inspecting the elders' flats.  We had to try it just for the name, but the food is good, and the atmosphere inside is like cafes in Park City.  It is decorated with lots of USA license plates...and the two right at the center are Utah and Texas, so that won my heart.  Our favorite lunch here is a BLT burger, actually has no burger, but it's bacon, lettuce, tomato in a bun with delicious barbecue sauce.  Below are some pictures of the interior:

Now, onto the next restaurant, below:
Fisherman's Table in Paekakariki, on Hwy 1 driving home from Wellington.  We had been to the same restaurant chain in Wellington three weeks previously, and  it was delicious, so we decided to try this one, too, because the food is so reasonably priced and the ocean views incredible.  
View from the back on the restaurant; we had perfect window seats, so we could watch the ocean that day.  As you can see, it was pretty turbulent...and beautiful!

Wyndam's Cafe in Clife, about halfway between Hastings and Napier.  I was invited to a "High Tea" birthday party here several months ago, and it was so enjoyable that I had to bring Clyde back to try their food, too.  It's become one of our favorite places, and the owner knows us well!

This is the front of the restaurant, some tables on the front porch, and during the summer, lots of dining outside in the back, which is a nice garden area.

Clyde enjoying the elegance of their table settings, all fine china, unique serving utensils.  My dear friend, Lorraine Hall, would LOVE this place.  It is very British.  In fact, they sell pottery pieces the owner imports from England.

And here is our "High Tea":  breakfast hot pastries on the lowest tier, sandwiches on the middle tier, and desserts on the highest tier.  It's just something you have to experience at least once.  Usually when we come here, though, we order a big Thai chicken salad that is one of the best we've ever eaten anywhere.

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