Monday, December 31, 2012


It seems like every season here, and New Zealand does have distinct seasons, brings another round of beautiful foliage...and we're out capturing it as best we can with our trusty camera.  Here's some of our recent "stop-I-gotta-take-a-picture" sites:
NZ "purple" trees...never seen one in the USA before.
Purple blossoms up close

Vivid red flowers on porches and trellises

Downtown Hastings with over 450 hanging baskets
Hastings keeps their downtown area so clean and inviting.

Hastings Clock tower...every town has one.

Tradition here says that the Maori people must have arrived here in summer (December) because their oral history says that when they landed in New Zealand, the coast was all red with the flowers from the pohutukawa (poh-hoo-too-cah-wah) tree.  It's really hard to capture the beauty of these trees, but right now they are in full bloom in Napier, and there's a lot of them.  Here's the best I could do:

The pokutukawa flower up close, somewhat resemble our "bottle brush" flower
Best color, sorry about the advertisement....

One of prettiest places in all of Hastings is Frimley Park, where there is a huge rose garden.  Here are several pictures of this garden, its layout, and some of the varieties of roses featured there:

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