Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last weekend (16-17 February 2013) the Hastings Stake, where we actually live, held a wonderful stake conference, presided over by a visiting General Authority, Elder Andrew O'Riordan of the 8th Quorum of the Seventy.  I couldn't even find his picture on the internet, only that he was from Australia.  Well,  he was absolutely amazing, incredibly spiritual, and gave us all such inspired counsel.  I was thrilled today when I found his picture with President Kezerian that Sister Kezerian had posted on the mission blog (
Elder O'Riordan and President Kezerian

Among the things we learned from Elder O'Riordan are:

1.  The Gospel helps us be the best version of ourselves.
2.  There are NO losers in the Lord's eyes!
3.  There is NO sacrifice in the Church...Christ's sacrifice is the only real sacrifice.
4.  Commit to always serve the Lord; it's the only true path to happiness.
5.  Read and ponder the scriptures until you love them; then you will feel the Spirit as soon as you open them...every time.

We also heard from other wonderful speakers, some of them new members of the Church, others who had found their way back to activity, one man in particular who had been away from the Church for 30 years.  He was so humble, and everyone was touched by his precious testimony of gratitude.

We senior missionaries often get a few perks the young missionaries don't get, so after the Sunday session of Conference, we were invited to a luncheon with Elder O'Riordan. We were once again impressed with his down-to-earth gracious nature.  He reminded Elder Farnes and me to always remember that not a day goes by that our family at home isn't praying for us...and that the General Authorities and Temples around the world pray for us, too.

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