Saturday, April 6, 2013


We spent a night in Invercargill after two nights in Te Anau and two nights in Queenstown. There wasn't a lot to see in Invercargill, but driving from Invercargill to Dunedin, we just kept stopping at one picturesque site after's some more seaside pictures:
Small town called Bluff from where a ferry can be taken to Stewart Island

The lighthouse at Bluff

Impressive home behind the lighthouse...would have loved a tour!

Distance sign at Bluff...all the tourists gotta have a picture of this!

Interesting monument at Bluff
We wanted to show Jeanie a Maori marae, and we heard there was one in Bluff, so we drove around until we found it. Unfortunately, it was locked, so we couldn't see the interior except through windows. However, it was the most modern marae we have seen in New Zealand and worth getting picture memories.
Te Rau Aroha Marae - Bluff, New Zealand - note brick inlaid walkway 
Closeup of main building on the marae

Dedication sign

Doorway into main building

Peek through venetian blinds at fascinating interior

Jeanie decided to do an hour hike at Bluff, all uphill, so we decided to join her by driving to the top.  While up there, we did get some beautiful long-distance pictures, plus a scenic view of part of the walkway she took climbing to the top.
View from the top of Bluff

Maori sign explaining the surroundings

Tree-lined walkway up from the beach
Another fun venture was a short hike through a field to a beach with sea lions, along with a sign you never see in the United States.

A sea lion and his mate...or girlfriend

Another lighthouse further down the road...sign below:

Ocean view from the Waipapa Lighthouse

Walking through a field to most southern point of New Zealand

Power of the wind seen in the clump of trees

We were HERE!

Love the views from here

Waves crashing into the powerful!

Two of us looking a bit haggard as we headed back to the car

Jeanie heading down the trail
Still on our way to Dunedin and stopping at  more "intriguing" sites.
Much like a rain forest, I guess

Lots of fern "umbrellas"

The Purakaunui Falls


  1. Beautiful pictures Farnes, you will have so many to always remind you of your mission. We forget some things until we see the pictures again. It will be great to have you home again.

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