Friday, March 2, 2012


For 25 years, Napier has been celebrating their Art Deco Days, and we spent an evening there with President & Sister Kezerian dining out and looking at all the sites, which included many vintage cars, lots of costumed men, women, and children in 1920-30's fashion, and even an air show. It was a great evening with perfect weather. Here are some photos:

Darling brother & sister...everyone gathers mostly on Marine Parade, the street that runs right next to the Pacific Ocean...quite picturesque. The whole atmosphere was very family oriented; everyone was cheerful, having fun, and very agreeable to having their pictures taken.

Elder Farnes liked the old truck...from his farming days in Cache Valley!
We ate at the GMK restaurant, which is actually in an old Masonic Lodge, and the GMK stands for Grand Masonic Kitchen...we have renamed it General Michael Kezerian...I think Pres. Kezerian liked that.
This was Sister Kezerian's favorite car, according to her husband; can you see that the license plate reads "lipstk"?
Elder & Sister Farnes and one of their favorites

Beautiful fountain and sky as we watched the vintage air show.

Lots of people watched the air show: on land like us, from balconies where parties were enjoying the evening, and even in the harbor, where a cruise ship stopped to watch.

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