Sunday, March 11, 2012


Friday, 9 March 2012, was a banner day: Zone Conference in Flaxmere and Elder Farnes' Birthday. It was a great learning day, followed by dinner in Napier with President & Sister Kezerian and Elder & Sister Burton at our favorite restaurant, the GMK.

Here's the whole Hawkes Bay Zone: 14 elders, 4 sisters, 2 in the center back are President & Sister Kezerian and Elder & Sister Burton.

Elder & Sister Burton are the South Pacific Medical Directors over 13 missions in this area. They are from Heber, UT, and are based in Auckland but have been traveling around instructing all of us on health care. Sister Burton's brother is Dr. Eric Carter, the cardiologist in American Fork, who is also Elder Farnes' cardiologist, so they wanted a picture of us to sent to Dr. Carter. Elder Farnes got to go fly fishing with President Kezerian and Elder Burton the following day, 10 March 2012.

This is "half" of all the companionships showing off their new phones we all received...I guess we all got presents on Elder Farnes' birthday!

Above are our wonderful, happy-natured Tongan elders (L-R): Elder Hingano, Elder Fukofuka (district leader), Elder Tamale (new to us), Elder Vaioleti, and Elder Pae'a.  Elder Hingano and Elder Tamale are actually real cousins and were excited to meet each other again.
Then our 4 sisters:  Sister Itaia (Kiribati), Sister Hemi (NZ), Sister Tito (NZ), and Sister Temakau (Kiribati).  Sisters Itaia & Hemi serve in Flaxmere; Sisters Tito & Temakau in Napier.

Elder Cook (Providence, UT) and Elder Tamale (Tonga) companionship in Napier.

Elder Barnes (practically related!) from Farmington, UT, replaces Elder Kelly, who was transferred, and Elder Salaivao (Samoa).  Elder Barnes is the new district leader in Flaxmere.

Wanted to stick in one more picture...because I don't think I've posted a picture of Elder Kelly previously, and he was the district leader in Flaxmere prior to being transferred (and companion of Elder Salaivao).  We had a luncheon for the elders one day prior to transfers, so you can see Elder Tebau peeking out from behind the curtain.  He LOVES to be in pictures!  Regarding Elder Salaivao's crutches, he fell on P-Day while playing volleyball in the ward gym and tore a ligament...he's mending nicely, but it's been pretty painful for him.  All the elders like to take turns using his crutches!

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  1. Dear Neighbors,

    I love to see you and the pictures of your adventures. I am really enjoying my new life and surroundings. It is so nice to have someone to clean my apartment. plan menus, cook and do everything but feed me. No kidding!

    I don't know if you heard that John
    Campbell died. They had a lovely memorial service. I think that most of Stone Hollow was in attendance.

    The people who bought my house still haven't moved in.

    The gospel is true! I miss you.

    Love and hugs.

    Jean Dewey