Monday, August 13, 2012


On Friday, 13 July 2012, we welcomed a new senior couple to the Hawkes Bay Zone, Elder and Sister Richards, who are from Hamilton New Zealand and will be serving in the New Zealand Wellington Mission for two years.  We helped find them a flat in Waipukurau, so now they will be working in the Waipukurau and Te Hauke Branches instead of us.  We'll actually miss going down there; but at the same time, we were spread pretty thin, and it will be wonderful to have a couple devoted totally to helping the branch presidents in those two branches and in the towns they cover.
Elder & Sister Richards - Hamilton, New Zealand
Waipukurau Chapel
Both of these chapels are quite small, very few classrooms, too, but there's enough room for both branches to grow.  Missionaries and ward and stake leaders are holding "harvests" to bring the less-active back to regular attendance...and blessings.

Te Hauke Chapel
This chapel has both a cemetery and a marae right next door to it.  Although it's only a branch, the members are strong, and the marae and cemetery have strong LDS influences.

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