Sunday, November 11, 2012


Sometimes you just gotta take a picture because it's unusual and you want to capture the moment, so here's a little hodge-podge of unique sitings in New Zealand:

A couple of "stores" seen in a little town called Tirau (tee-row, but roll the "r")

Pretty little church in Tirau
with a large "corrugated" statue
...probably the "Good Shepherd"

Graceful black swan, seen quite often in the lakes and ponds.

Chicken roaming on highway leading through Taumarunui.

And the fascinating "oreo" cows,
formally called Belted Galloways.

We tried to trade our Toyota Yaris for this fun vehicle, but the owner wasn't interested.  What a great way to tour!

And you can still find a functioning phone booth!

If you eat at an outside cafe, you can plan on feathered friends to help you with any leftovers. They're not shy at all and will come right onto your plate if you don't shoo them away.

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