Saturday, November 10, 2012


Can there be a greener, more gorgeous country?!  On our trip up to Hamilton and back, we kept stopping at one beautiful site after, first, here are some of the "water" sites!

Waikato River...calm in some areas, raging waterfalls in other areas, is the longest river in New Zealand. Below this same river forms the Huka Falls as it empties out of Lake Taupo (pictured below).   Waikato is Maori for "flowing water".

Huka Falls
...empties about 200,000 litres
 of water per second

Beautiful blue
Lake Taupo
largest lake in
New Zealand
Mount Ruapehu (active volcano) seen across Lake Taupo
Government Gardens in Rotarua
Now, some of the green, lush countryside scenes...hard to capture the real beauty with just a little camera, but hopefully, you'll get a fair idea...and why a lot of rain can produce a country like NZ.
One rolling green hill after another
Thick "native bush" along the highways
Brilliant, dazzling wildflowers
Peaceful fields with livestock, so commonly seen in every town

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